Here are a few fun facts to start of with.

Kristel has lived in 8 countries before she turned 18.
Born in a small fishing village off the coast of Kenya and traveling the globe ever since.
She went through "the-new-girl-at-school" routine 8 times before heading off to the Art Academy.  
Travel is inspiration.
She is a true sneaker lover.
Owns one pair of heels.
Laughter is food for the soul.

Kristel is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for fashion and lifestyle magazines/brands, book publishers and anywhere else her creativity is needed. Her deep rooted love for the animal kingdom and graphic patterns are the foundation of her work. Kristel's detailed pencil drawings bring out her romantic side which she combines with a twist of humour. She does this, for example, by comparing human behaviour to that of animals. Kristel finds it fascinating to see how similar we behave. 

When she is not drawing or painting, you will find her working as a graphic designer for various fashion and lifestyle magazines. She has worked for ELLE NL , Esquire and National Geographic. The combination of illustration and graphic design suits her well. It gives the freedom to approach art from different angles.

Kristel is always on the lookout for new interesting projects, whether they be close by or across the border.

A life filled with laughter